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Let's be honest.  3rd party validation feels good.


911 Love <<

October 2013


My essay in the San Francisco Chronicle << in August of 2011 that explained how I traded in my ovaries for a 1984 Porsche 911 convertible was the reason I was ultimately profiled in 911 Love
This coffee table book from German publisher Delius Klasing for the 50th anniversary of the Porsche 911, is filled with stories of those who love their rides.  


"It is a book full of passion and love for the 911. Unusual experiences and adventures, gripping stories about exceptional 911 owners from all over world and their unique vehicles assemble in this book as well as all of the 911’s important sports moments with all dates and facts.  911 Love is published in close cooperation with Porsche and – just like the 911 50 years ago – will be presented at the opening of the International Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA) 2013 in Frankfort at the Main."

NPR Morning Edition <<

June 2013


On a segment from Elizabeth Blair about how to help children through difficult times, Nowhere Hair was chosen to represent children's books about illness.   


"But if a book for small children is too depressing, some adults just won't buy it.  When Sue Glader was diagnosed with breast cancer, she went looking for books to read to her nieces and nephews. 'I saw a lot of things that were really very sad and very scary or super-technical for a young child,' she says.  So when she was going through chemo, she wrote the book Nowhere Hair.   Aired June 13, 2013 on Morning Edition.

Design Mom <<

October 2010


"Some serious yuck went down for Sue Glader 11 years ago. She had a young child. And a cancer diagnosis. There isn’t much in the way of books that attempt to talk to kids about this topic. So she wrote one. It’s called Nowhere Hair and it’s terrific. Who knew such a delightful book could be written about something so scary? The illustrations by Edith Buenen are stylish and beautiful and the story is clever." 


​Want to read more press about TWP?  Are you my mom? <<

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